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WordPress Dashboard Tutorial + How To Modify WordPress Settings - WordPressTutorial 2020 #2

Hey, my name is Shayan from Creatify Design, and in this article, we are going to talk about WordPress Dashboard and How To Configure WordPress Settings to get the most out of your WordPress website.

When you successfully install WordPress and finally login to your WordPress, you will see the WordPress dashboard with many menus, buttons, and functionalities for the first time.

But there is no reason to be panicked because we are going to explain the WordPress dashboard and show you how to modify your settings to get the most out of your website.

Header, Left Sidebar Menu, and The Main Section

Well, the WordPress dashboard holds three main areas: The header, the left sidebar menu, and the main section.

Starting with the header, here is your WordPress website at a glance. Here you can have very brief information about the current situation of your websites such as new updates, new comments, insights, and the admin panel.

Continuing to the left sidebar menu, here is where most of the things happen. In the sidebar, you have access to Updates, Insights, Posts, Media, Pages, Comments, Appearance, Plugins, Users, Tools, and Settings!

Besides, if you install any plugins or themes to your WordPress website they will be shown here as well.

So we can sum up that the sidebar is very important, and you need to know what each menu has to offer for you so you can easily navigate in your dashboard when you need them.

And the last but not least, we have the main section. If you click on any menu or element in the left sidebar menu, then you will see a new window as we call it the main section for the sake of this tutorial.

To keep this tutorial as short and comprehensive as possible we are not going to explain every menu in this tutorial but only the settings so you can set-up your WordPress website correctly and also how to modify your WordPress in an SEO friendly way.

The other menus will be explained in the next articles as they hold very important information.

So, the settings have also different submenus and we are going to start with General.

Here you can change your Site Title, Tagline, WordPress URL, and the Administration Email Address.

Now the Site Title and Tagline are extremely important because they will be visible on Google as the first information about your website.

If you have the SSL function available from your host provider then you can change HTTP:// to HTTPS:// and by doing so a safety icon will be appeared in front of your URL and letting visitors know that this website is secure and their data is safe.

Administration Email is used if you forget your password or if there are any issues on your website.

Now you definitely want to uncheck "Anyone can register" because in that case, you will receive many bots registering to your website as users.

Now I also suggest you set the "New User Default Role" to the subscriber because you don't want to give maximum accessibility to every new user.

Site Language, Timezone, Date Format, Time Format, and the First Day of The Week, all depends on your preferences and your geographical situation. So don't hesitate to modify these settings as you prefer.

Next, you can leave aside the "Writing", "Reading", "Discussion", and "Media" submenus as I recommend to use the defaults there, but we are going to "Permalinks" now.

Permalinks are your custom website URL for every post & page. Now, it's important to keep your URL in a short and user-friendly way as possible. Now here is a bonus for you! If you have longer URLs, Google will not love you, and if Google doesn't love you will not be successful online. So we suggest that you change these settings to "Post Name" to benefit the maximum of your WordPress Website.

Now that you are familiar with WordPress Dashboard and you have configured its settings, it's time to learn about "Posts", and that's what we have covered in the next article. So make sure to read it and consider subscribing to our YouTube channel to receive notifications about our next videos.

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